The Sandbox (SAND)
Sandbox is a gaming platform where players can create and earn revenue from experiences. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has Metaverse, where the user can create their own virtual world. In addition, in the game, users have the opportunity to buy land and interact with NFT. The SAND White Paper states that token holders have a say in key elements of the game and can suggest changes to the content. Sandbox owners can vote for themselves or delegate voting rights to other players as they see fit. Currently, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is more than 4 billion dollars.

Immutable x (IMX)
Another cryptocurrency that is worth paying attention to in the metaverse is Immutable x. The difference with other similar coins is that it does not support any particular Metaverse, there is no virtual world that can be explored. Rather, it aims to support a system that allows people to create and trade their own irreplaceable tokens (NFT). The network was created by Australians and is designed to create a scalable solution for NFT traders on the Etherium blockchain. The idea is that most of the trade in non-essential tokens today is time consuming, but using the Immutable protocol can speed up the process. Cryptocurrency is used for management, so owners can vote on proposals related to how the system works. Immutable X has announced a partnership with OpeanSea, which is certainly great news. The market capitalization of altcoin is about 895 million dollars.

Ultra (UOS)
Cryptocurrency Ultra (UOS) is designed to work in the distribution system of blockchain-based games. The main difference from others is that people not only have the opportunity to buy games from developers and use them, but also resell them.

“Ultra is an entertainment platform where various services are provided to the gaming industry. You can buy, play, watch live broadcasts, interact with other users, participate in contests and tournaments. “- says the official website of the currency

The UOS token is used to pay for advertising, marketing and beta testing. It can also be used in system loyalty programs. The market capitalization of the token is about 350 million dollars.


Illuvium (ILV)
This is the classic crypto coin of the Metauniverse. It is used in the online game Illuvium, which is built on the blockchain of Etherium and is something in between the study of the outside world and the combat concept of “player against player” (PvP). Users search for, conquer and collect creatures called illuvials. The difference between this game and others is that NFT is not the only way to get a digital coin in the game. For example, a player can earn an ILV using a series of decentralized applications (DApps) that include profitable farming and decentralized crypto exchange. However, players can still sell illuvials in the gaming market, although the game claims to be less focused on digital currency and more on gameplay. The market capitalization is 697 million dollars.

Vulcan Forged (PYR)
The platform contains several games. The main feature of the project is that the games are based on Greek mythology. There is VulcanVerse, which gives people the opportunity to buy, sell and develop land. There is Anvil, which allows people to publish NFT for free. Bezerk is a collector’s card game that uses Anvil’s NFT and VulcanVerse. There is also Frenzy, where players create their own fighting tournaments. The PYR token is paid to players as a reward. The market capitalization of the coin is 397 million dollars.

You can buy and trade Sandbox from here.

Top 5 crypto tokens related to the Metauniverse

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