Terra (LUNA) faces the prospects of hitting $100 in the coming weeks as it paints a classic bull pennant structure. In detail, bull pennants appear as the price trends inside a triangle pattern after a strong move upside. Many analysts see it as a sign of bullish continuation, i.e., they think the instrument would eventually break above the triangle’s upper trendline to resume its price rally higher.


Additionally, the profit target of a bull pennant structure typically comes to be the length equal to the size of the previous price rally, called flagpole, when measured from the breakout point. As it appears, LUNA has been forming a similar pattern on its lower-timeframe chart.

Considering the breakout happens at the point where the bull pennant trendlines converge — the apex — the ideal profit target comes out to be over $22, the flagpole height. That puts LUNA on the road to almost $100.

Please note that LUNA price have climbed more than 15,000%, from 0,46 to 77,73 dollars this year and it have big potencial to reach $1000.

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Terra (LUNA) Price Prediction

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