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The world of Esports has really taken off in recent years. Its newfound popularity shows no sign of waning as its audience widens around the world. Whereas once the main attention given to Esports came from countries such as the US and Canada, now a popular internet search is something along the lines of ‘Esports betting – how to bet on Esports in Kenya’. This shows that Esports betting has truly become a global affair.

When it comes to placing your first bets, you may be wondering if there are some titles that are more worthy than others. We’re going to take a look at the best games out there and the ones that attract the biggest following, as well as seeing the most money being placed on the outcomes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Even if you’re relatively new to Esports betting, you will have no doubt come across Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). This has to be the most popular first-person shooter game that has ever been made and its popularity has spilt over into the world of Esports betting.

What makes CSGO so popular to bet on? It’s a game where there is plenty going on and plenty to keep track of. With it being round-based and with small maps, the experience is certainly dynamic and there is also the possibility of overtime at the end. This is akin to a penalty shootout to decide the victor in a football match.

League of Legends

When you look at the levels of earnings that this game attracts, it is clear to see why League of Legends is so popular with players, but what makes it so great to bet on? The truth is that we have League of legends to thank for what we all know as Esports today.

While Esports existed before league of Legends, it was this game alone that led to its explosion in popularity. The in-depth levels of competitiveness and the overall sophistication of the game have made it a firm favourite with almost everyone involved with Esports.

Dota 2

Dota 2 was a direct attempt to take on League of Legends and to produce a game that exceeded its popularity. It certainly achieved its goals, and quickly it was on a par with League of Legends with players and fans alike.

One major draw of this game is the prize pool that exists. When you take a look at The Internationals, there is over $30 million up for grabs.

Final thoughts

It is impossible to choose between these three games when trying to identify the best. The truth is, if you’re looking to bet on Esports, you won’t go far wrong with any of these titles. They all attract similar types of bets and which one you opt for will just come down to personal preference. as your knowledge of the games grows, you will find your own favourite and the one that you most enjoy betting on.

The best eSports markets to bet on

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